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This new tool MIGHT be yours whether YOU BUY IT OR NOT!

This is the new @SkilPowerTools 2.0 Twist 4v screwdriver. I think it’s super cool, unfortunately it caused me some trauma do to unknown reasons, so I want you to have it.

This video is for the new #skiltools 4v Twist 2.0. There is only one (1) that has been made available for this contest.

1. You may enter as many comments as you want to be entered into the draw. The random picker will pick from the comment lest, not the user leaving the comment.
2. comments with curse words will not be entered
3. Must live in the lower 48 states to will
4. The video above must receive (at the minimum) 1,000 upvotes on or before Wednesday August 23, 2023.
5. once a name has been randomly picked, the person that left the comment will be notified with a comment response. My contact email will be placed in that reply and the winner will have exactly once week to claim the price. If the winner does not claim within one week, the contest will be voided.
6.You must be a subscriber to the Tool Review Zone channel in order to claim the prize
7. You must be 18 years or older to enter and win
8. You must be born on planet earth – YOU MUST NOT BE AN EXTRATERESTRIAL

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