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Temu WOODWORKING Tools! Are They Worth It? Win Or Bin Tool Review!

Temu woodworking tools, are they worth it? Watch our win or bin tool review to find out. With prices continuously on the rise, we all want to find the best deals out there so we can save money wherever we can. We decided to go to the Temu Shopping App since we heard that their prices are ridiculously low. We were very curious about their woodworking tools so we purchased 6 woodworking tools from Temu. We chose to take the risk so you don’t have to. The prices were actually crazy low but we wondered as to what the quality of these tools might be. After buying these Temu woodworking tools, we could not believe how inexpensive these tools were, even when compared to Amazon. We also went onto Amazon & purchased some of the same comparable tools so that we could physically compare the quality between Amazon tools & Temu tools. We were shocked after reviewing & testing our Temu tools. We reviewed the following 6 tools: table saw stock guides, a 200mm t-ruler, 8 pc drill bit stop collar set, 90 degree 4.7 inch positioning square, adjustable angle ruler, & a long nosed mechanical pencil with 6 refills. Just to give you an example, we reviewed a pair of table saw stock guides which work the same way that the Jessem stock guides work. The stock guides from Temu cost $29 each & the Jessem stock guides cost $288. That’s a difference of over $220. After reviewing & testing each tool, we had to determine whether each tool was a win or bin. In other words, was it a winner or did it deserve to be in the trash bin. Also watch to find out how much money we saved or wasted.Our goal for this video is to help you find out which tools are worth buying & which ones to avoid. You can find the links to all of these Temu tools below. We want to thank you for watching, Over & Out!

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Temu Woodworking Tool Links

Long Nosed Mechanical Pencil

Long Nosed Mechanical Pencil Refills 6 Piece

8 Piece Drill Bit Stop Collar Set

200mm T-Ruler

Adjustable Angle Ruler

90 Degree 4.7 Inch Positioning Square

Table Saw Stock Guides

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