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TEMU Tools: Are They Worth IT?

TEMU Link:
🔍 Or search my code: afz09663
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Item Links Here:
1pc Deburring External Chamfer Tool $2.32
120W Portable Car Air Compressor $18.68
1pc Handheld Welding Machine $83.99
Inch Woodworking Square Protractor $10.19
Digital Caliper Measuring Tool $20.99
1pc Magnetic Welding Support $3.99

I picked up some garage tools from TEMU:

Portable air compressor- 0:49
De-burring chamfer tool- 2:35
Woodworking square- 4:03
Calipers – 5:12
Magnetic ground- 8:50
Handheld Welder (that’s not from Harbor Freight!!) – 6:44

It’s not a scam and some of them I will be keeping and using them.