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Roofing, Autobody, HVAC, and More! Milwaukee 2476 M12 FUEL Nibbler Review

The attached chip bag on the Milwaukee M12 FUEL Nibbler will make you think twice about where all those sharp pieces go without it. Using a circular saw or snips on sheet metal typically creates small sharp and jagged pieces of metal that like to cut you. An abrasive wheel tends to leave a trail of small molten shrapnel that melts into about any surface. This new M12 FUEL Nibbler just takes out little bites and leaves the chips in the bag. The @Milwaukee Tool model 2476 will cut 16GA mild steel, 18GA Stainless Steel, 12GA Aluminum, and 22GA spiral ductwork. This will be a very useful tool for the Autobody and HVAC technicians as well as metal roofers and general construction. This tool is covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
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