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LEAKED! I found 21 New Milwaukee Tool Patents for 2022!

Right here are all the brand-new license filings I have actually located from Milwaukee Equipment in the in 2015 for 2022:

M18 Top Handle Chainsaw:
M18 Coil Nailer:
M18 Gen 4 Drill:
M18 Gen 4 Impact:
M18 Impact with Rotation Counter:
M18 Bolt Tensioning Tool:
M18 Vacuum Pump:
M18 Teakettle Wet/Dry Vac:
M18 Pistol Grip Knockout Punch:
M18 X2 Impact Wrench:
M18 Zero-G Hoist Control:
M18 Hoist Storage Container:
M12 Hybrid Mech/Elec Clutch:
MXFUEL Portable Pipe Threader:
MXFUEL Plate Compactor:
Milwaukee Packout Mug:
Milwaukee Packout Crate Lid:
Packout Charger:
Packout Power Supply:
Packout Power Supply with E-Ink Display:
Multi-Bay Power Supply: