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How to attach wood to cement IN SECONDS! How To attach a 2×4 to cinder blocks fast and easy!

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0:00 Attach Wood To Cement Intro
0:20 Ramset intro
When and also when not to make use of a ramset, 0:40
1:02 Using the right Ramset Cartridge
2:02 affixing 2×4 to concrete block
4:39 Using the incorrect ramset cartridge
6:14 exactly how to get rid of nail from concrete
6:41 Safe in your location to make use of?
6:59 last ideas

Among my last video clips revealed you exactly how to affix a timber 2×4 to concrete in secs, and also in today’s video clip, I will certainly reveal you just how to affix timber to a concrete block in secs.

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